Tito is a little firecracker. He is looking for an active family, being that he is still a pup. He’s Wade is a ball of energy. He is looking for a family that is as active as he is, and one that is willing to put time and patience toward training him. He is less than a year old, so he is like a big puppy. The family that had him from a puppy, did not spend the time to help him become a well behaved boy. He has potential, he just needs someone to help him use up some of that energy. He’s a very sweet boy, tiny in stature, but large in personality. He loves to be on the couch with you and really just anywhere you go. He gets along with others well. He would probably chase a cat if it ran. It’s just all fun and games to him. He’s a cute little guy. We are not sure of his breed or why someone cut his tail as a pup. We are guessing he may have some Jack Russell because of the short tail.

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