My name is Scooby, and my foster mom says they just don’t make dogs like me anymore. She says I’m the BEST DOG EVER! I love learning new things, relaxing with my people, and taking rides in the truck. I can hop in and go anywhere with you! I love being along for the ride, and I’m super patient. I especially love other dogs and making friends with new people. I only bark when I’m scared or super excited about something. One time I saw an armadillo and thought it was the scariest thing on planet earth — that’s the first time my foster mom ever heard me bark. I love my kennel, going on walks, and playing with toys. I can even play fetch if that’s your thing! I am already getting really good at commands like “sit, stay, place, leave it, and come”. I would love a family who really, really wants to spend time with me. That will enjoy going on walks and bringing me with you on fun trips! People are my favorite. I could just sit next to my person calmly all day if they let me! I don’t mind being at home alone and do really well in my kennel with a cozy blanket, but I would rather be included. Everyone who meets me LOVES me and says “wow, he has an amazing personality”! I think so too. I’m very happy and would love to find someone that would like to be my friend forever.

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