Disclaimer: Sheba is in Texas. She can be transported after she is adopted. Transport cost is $200.
She is a wonderful little girl. Her family had to reach out to us for help. Her mom has ALS and can no longer walk or talk. They have a lot of dogs and just can’t care for them like needed. We are helping them with several dogs. Sheba is housetrained. She has gotten along with every dog at her foster home. She doesn’t mind the cats in the home either. She’s very low maintenance and just likes to hang out with you. Being in a new place, she does get a little anxious when her foster mom leaves, but if she’s with another dog she does well. This will be a temporary situation. She’s an armful when you hold her, but never the less, she likes to be held.


Buck is a beautiful, uniquely colored guy. He loves his person. In fact, he prefers to be with his person over being with a dog. He would prefers his dog friends to be female. He’s a happy go lucky boy that would do well with an active family. He is in Texas, but transport can be arranged. They usually charge $200. His adoption fee is $200. He is completely vetted.