Dolly is such a sweet little girl. She is the most chill pup of her litter. At any given moment, she can be found snuggled cozily in a bed and often right next to one of the other pups. She loves to be held and cuddled. She will sit in your lap all day long if you will let her. She rolls over for belly rubs, and occasionally falls asleep on her back with legs flung over the side of a bed or in the air. She has the cutest white tips on her feet on the top of her tail, and she has a long white “sock” on her left front leg. Her brindle coloring is unlike any other pup in the litter. She doesn’t often make noises except maybe a little whimper at times when the other pups get loud. She loves to play with toys for a few minutes with the other pups, then she’ll look for a place to nap. She is better at prolonged play with human companions!

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