Paris is a little princess. She loves to cuddle in bed, on the couch, in the recliner, or anywhere else with her humans. She even loves to wrap the man of the house (no matter how big or scary) around her little tail. She has lived in foster homes with many dogs larger than her, pigs, cats (even a blind one), chickens, and she hasn’t found a problem figuring out how to live with any of them. She is great with little ones even when they are interfering with her naps! She loves to play with toys and is doing great with her leash training. She loves to give hugs when you pick her up. Her head rests on your shoulders and her little paws wrap in tight. This cuddle bug is ready for her next adventure with your family! She was the victim of being born as a stray. Her mom had no where to call a home, so she just found the safest place she could find and had babies. Thanks to a kind person, he fed her and then took care of the babies until rescue could take them. Mom is a small dog, but we aren’t sure what dad was. She is a litter of 5, so ask for pictures of her siblings.

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