Amber is a sweetheart. She had a rough start. She was born under a house and we had to wait until the pups started coming out before we could rescue them. We took them at about 5 wks old. They had never been touched by humans, so they were terrified. They are doing wonderfully now. Amber is a little shy but loving. She is doing very well on potty training.


Believe or not Bella was surrendered to the city shelter. She wasn’t there for long before we snatched her up. She is a sweetheart! If you don’t like having a little shadow following you around, then Bella is not for you. She absolutely loves to be with you. She is really laid back and isn’t very active. She prefers to just sit on your lap and takes naps. She gets along great with other dogs. She was recently spayed and had a dental.


Hello hoomans!! Do you like something sweet and chewy?? Well, my name is Skittles, so I’m that classic sweet treat perfect to watch a movie with. We could sit cuddled on the couch together and have a grand time! Just like Skittles the candy, I have multiple flavors, I’m multiple breeds: Heeler and Lab! What a great combination! Bring me home for a sweet time! Sincerely Skittles, from the Candy Puppy Crew.


My name is Scooby, and my foster mom says they just don’t make dogs like me anymore. She says I’m the BEST DOG EVER! I love learning new things, relaxing with my people, and taking rides in the truck. I can hop in and go anywhere with you! I love being along for the ride, and I’m super patient. I especially love other dogs and making friends with new people. I only bark when I’m scared or super excited about something. One time I saw an armadillo and thought it was the scariest thing on planet earth — that’s the first time my foster mom ever heard me bark. I love my kennel, going on walks, and playing with toys. I can even play fetch if that’s your thing! I am already getting really good at commands like “sit, stay, place, leave it, and come”. I would love a family who really, really wants to spend time with me. That will enjoy going on walks and bringing me with you on fun trips! People are my favorite. I could just sit next to my person calmly all day if they let me! I don’t mind being at home alone and do really well in my kennel with a cozy blanket, but I would rather be included. Everyone who meets me LOVES me and says “wow, he has an amazing personality”! I think so too. I’m very happy and would love to find someone that would like to be my friend forever.


Hello hoomans!! Do you like chocolate and caramel?? Well, my name is Rolo, so I’d be the perfect fit for you! Maybe I can even learn how to rolo over for you 😂 I’m a Pit, Heeler, Lab mix all rolled into one sweet package 📦 I’m fresh off the baking tray at only 8 1/2 weeks old. Bring me home for for a sweet time! Sincerely, Rolo from the Candy Puppy crew!
I am one of 6 so if you want to see more just ask for pictures!


Paris is a little princess. She loves to cuddle in bed, on the couch, in the recliner, or anywhere else with her humans. She even loves to wrap the man of the house (no matter how big or scary) around her little tail. She has lived in foster homes with many dogs larger than her, pigs, cats (even a blind one), chickens, and she hasn’t found a problem figuring out how to live with any of them. She is great with little ones even when they are interfering with her naps! She loves to play with toys and is doing great with her leash training. She loves to give hugs when you pick her up. Her head rests on your shoulders and her little paws wrap in tight. This cuddle bug is ready for her next adventure with your family! She was the victim of being born as a stray. Her mom had no where to call a home, so she just found the safest place she could find and had babies. Thanks to a kind person, he fed her and then took care of the babies until rescue could take them. Mom is a small dog, but we aren’t sure what dad was. She is a litter of 5, so ask for pictures of her siblings.


Frio is a cute little guy. He was the victim of being born as a stray. His mom had no where to call a home, so she just found the safest place she could find and had babies. Thanks to a kind person, she fed her and then took care of the babies until rescue could take them. Mom is a small dog, but we aren’t sure what dad was. His sister, Paris is still available as well.


Bentley has been very busy being a wonderful momma to 8 beautiful pups! But, she will be retiring from motherhood. She is being spayed so that she can enjoy the rest of her young life as a playful pup. She has the sweetest personality and is a very loyal companion. She will be waiting by the front door for someone to come out so that she can roll over for a belly rub. She feels a little spry at times and likes to run around, but she’ll also sit or stand wherever you are for as long as you’ll stay just to feel your hand on her head or back! She lives for one more rub or one more kiss! She was in a less than desirable location when her pups were born, but her foster mom took her and all her pups to give them the life they deserved. This sweet momma deserves the best life!


Shay is a country girl. She is very active and just loves life! She loves kids but may be a little too rough for little kids. Her foster is teaching her how to sit. She even has a goat friend. She is a little too friendly with the chickens, so that would be a no for them. She is about 4mos old. She could be 40-50lbs when grown.


Howdy y’all! We are the Junction Five! My name is Trooper, and I’m the self proclaimed best cuddler of the bunch. We are full of energy, so make sure you can keep up. Let’s go on a hike, or maybe a bike ride, or maybe even corralling some livestock! We are ready to Rock and Roll (at least in some dirt). Can you help us out by adopting us so we can reach our full potential?