This little guy is spunky for sure, but he loves his human companions! He likes to roughhouse with the other puppies, so he will definitely hold his own with a bigger dog. He is so loving to his humans and has the most precious eyes that beg for attention. He looks like a miniature red heeler. His legs are really short like a corgi. He is a beautiful pup that needs the right home and training in order to make the best family dog! He would do best with an active family. A dog sibling would be a plus!


Willie is a household favorite in our foster home. He is tiny and so adorable. He loves to be loved and cuddled. He rolls over on his back to get belly rubs when you walk close. He runs to check out what is going on when our big dogs bark while all the other pups ignore it. He does not know he’s a little dog and is in no way intimidated by the size of others. He loves to play with toys, especially squeaky ones. He will jump straight up and many times fall over when you squeak a toy. He’s such a precious little guy looking for a perfect home!

He is 2 1/2 mos old now. He will more than likely be between 12-15lbs when grown. His mom is a short-legged Heeler mix. We are not sure what Dad was.


Lilly is one talkative girl. She has a lot to say. She has a lot of energy, so she would make a good hiking partner. She’s really lovable and likes to “hug”. She LOVES people. She is a little scared of other dogs, especially if they are smaller than her. The dog friends she has made at her foster home are submissive like her.


Phoebe is a big girl. She gets along with her dog friends, she just doesn’t like to share her food. Her foster mom is working on that. She loves to play and run around. She would do best with a family without little kids because she would definitely knock them down, since she doesn’t realize her size.


Jake is a sweet boy. He is looking for a family to go on adventures with. Need a running buddy? Look no further. He has energy for days. The family that had him before he ended up in the shelter, said he is housetrained. If you think your family might be a good fit for him, please submit an application:


Chloe is a very sweet girl. She is spunky and loves to be with you wherever you go. She prefers dogs that are submissive. Her foster mom has cats and so far she is doing ok with them, but boy does she wish they would run so she can give them a run for their money! She likes kids and did we mention attention? She would do best with a family that is home a lot or at least has another dog sibling to keep her company.


Sweet little Reba is a chill pup. She can be found snuggled in a fluffy bed while chaos continues around her. She shares bowls and cuddle space with her siblings with no problem at all. She loves squeaky toys and belly rubs. You can curl her up in your arms like a baby, and she will enjoy every snuggly moment. She is not vocal even when the other pups are barking. She can’t wait to find the perfect home!


This sweet little girl is named Carrie (Underwood) for a great reason. She loves to belt out a little precious bark at the strangest moments. She spent quite some time barking at the full food bowl in an empty room the other day! Although she doesn’t bark all the time, she is one of the most vocal of her litter. She is adventurous, but she will be the first one to sleep through the storm without you noticing her when it’s time to be lazy. She loves to play with toys with her siblings and has shown no sign of problems sharing food or space. She loves belly rubs and has the cutest little freckles that cover her belly! She is spunky and lazy; it just depends on which moment you are seeing her!


George is the most handsome “fella” in his litter. He has the most unique markings with white on his chest and on all 4 paws. He is starting to get some lighter brown hair coming through in a beautiful pattern. We know his Mama was a black Lab, but you can definitely see features of our other common West Texas breeds in this little guy. He has beautiful eyes! He is spunky and playful most of the time. He gently paws you when he’s ready for some loving. He is the largest puppy in his litter. He loves to play with toys. He sprints for the food bowl and doesn’t walk away until it’s empty. He loves to snuggle and can be quite content wrapped in your arms or nestled in your lap.